SecurSearch 2.0 NPA

New Product Announcement – Dec 3, 2010

Extracomm is proud to announce the release of SecurSearch 2.0. SecurSearch 2.0 is designed for businesses to perform search and analysis within SecurTrac logs as well as to perform e-discovery within Lotus Domino user mail databases to discover any misuse of information and/or disclosure of confidential information to external sources.

What's New?

SecurSearch 2.0 Key Features

1. Ability to search user mail database in addition to SecurTrac log databases.

2. Ability to search through SecurTrac user activity SecurTrac logs.

3. Ability to have the requested searches performed by the server instead of theSecurSearch client. This helps to improve performance and minimizes delays for searches to be completed over a slow LAN/WAN connection.

4. Ability to run searches using the Full Access Administrator security field of a Domino server’s Server Document”, thus enabling the ability to search through SecurTrac Logs and/or Mail databases even if not listed in the database ACL.

5. Save point in time summary search results as a snapshot for viewing at a later time, without having to perform another search.

6. Now you can create database Full-Text indexes directly from within the SecurSearch client.

7. Additional view columns have been added with an enhanced filter criteria.

8. Support has been added to use CTRL-A/CRTL-D, SHIFT-Click, space-bar to select/deselect current document(s).

9. Receive notifications every time someone performs a search query with SecurSearch. This notification will help maintain an audit trail of its usage and prevent misuse.

If you wish to learn more about SecurSearch 2.0, please contact your local Extracomm Authorized Reseller or Extracomm sales at You can also contact Extracomm toll free in North America by calling 1-866-223-2656 or internationally by dialing +1 905-709-8602.

With continual changes to operating systems and new product features, we encourage customers to consider one of our yearly maintenance plans to ensure continual technical support and updates.

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SecurSearch 2.0 may be purchased from an Extracomm Authorized Reseller.

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